The moments we share are the memories we keep forever.


Ideas for creating memories

Below are some ideas that you might find therapeutic and comforting to help you acknowledge and create memories of your baby.

These suggestions have been sourced from personal experience, grief literature and from bereaved parents and has been re-written here.

  • Create a special place to remember your baby such as a butterfly garden or a special display area or shelf in your home
  • Plant something and watch it grow. Flowers that bloom around the time of your baby's birth are another idea
  • Keep a special memory box with your baby's belongings, things that they touched or items or records from your pregnancy
  • Keep a baby memory book recording details about your pregnancy and baby and include any items you may have from your baby (photos, ultrasound pictures, handprints, birth certificate, medical reports, hospital cot card and bracelet)
  • Purchase commemorative jewellery such as a pendant or locket with your baby's name and/or fingerprints
  • Have a personalised memorial candle made with your baby's details
  • Light scented candles to remember and help you relax
  • Have a personalised announcement or memorial card made with your baby's photo and details. This is one way to let family and friends know what has happened and gives you the opportunity to announce your baby's birth and share any special photos or wording
  • Apply for your baby's birth certificate or have a memorial or "recognition of life" certificate made up and store it with your baby's keepsakes
  • Take hand and footprints or hand and foot sculptures and frame them
  • Write about your experience - your pregnancy, your birth story and the special memories you have with your baby
  • Keep a diary or journal of your emotional journey and read over it to see how far you've come
  • Write something to your baby - such as letters, poems, a song, your story
  • To help siblings and young children in the family, encourage them to write a letter or draw a picture for your baby
  • Create a memorial website for your baby or a blog talking about your experience
  • Get a memorial tattoo with your baby's name, hand/foot prints or anything that symbolises your baby
  • Take the time to look at photos of your baby from ultrasounds or after birth and display them if you feel comfortable
  • Create a collage or slideshow of your photos
  • Compile a CD with music that reminds you of your baby
  • Release balloons on your baby's birthday/angelversary
  • Name a star after your baby in the star registry
  • Find a symbol that reminds you of your baby and display them (eg butterflies, angels, rainbows, clouds, sunsets, birds)
  • Buy a teddy bear or toy that reminds you of your baby and donate it to charity
  • For special occasions like Christmas and birthdays/angelversaries buy an ornament or card for your baby or write them a special letter every year
  • You can purchase photos of the sunset or sunrise on the day your baby was born or passed away - this may be comforting in the future



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