Resources and blogs for grieving fathers



Babycentre.co.uk website article - Dad's coping with loss

Silent Grief has a great list of articles in their For Fathers section

Hand to Hold has a link to a PDF article under the Bereavement and Grief heading - After the Loss: A Dad’s Perspective on What Helps…and What Doesn’t



Pillars of Strength - an Australian organisation providing dads with support and 'time out' while their baby is sick, and also to bereaved dads after the loss of their baby



Facebook groups

Dads of angel babies Facebook page

Grieving Dads - to the Brink and Back


Blogs for babyloss dads

(Loss of twin boys after preeclampsia)

http://www.grievingdads.com/ (Grieving dads project)

http://fathersgrievinginfantloss.blogspot.com/ (A blog for fathers when a baby dies)

http://www.dazeddad.com (Reflections on parenthood, loss and grief)

http://colinstuart.blogspot.com/ (Colin's corner - dedicated to the life and memory of Colin Emanuel Stuart)

http://myangelprincess.blogspot.com/ (One dad's experiences with anencephaly)

http://grievingdads.com (A website/blog and a book designed to help men grieve)

http://letting-days-go-by.blogspot.com/ (Infertility and pregnancy loss)


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I'm a mother who has experienced loss of a baby - 68.8%
I'm a father who has experienced loss of a baby - 6.3%
I'm a family member of the parent - 12.5%
I'm a friend of the parent - 12.5%

Total votes: 32