A life, no matter how brief, is still a life and deserves to be acknowledged and remembered.


Who we are

my-storyI set up this webpage early on after my loss to help other parents who have experienced the devastating loss of a baby or child - through miscarriage, stillbirth, neo-natal death and infant loss. As I had read a lot about the grief process and talked to many bereaved parents, I wanted to give something back and share what I had learnt about the very topic that so few people talk about or understand. It took a while to come up with the various information I came across to feel I could give advice and even 3 years later I am still on my own evolving grief journey as I continue to adapt to life after loss with a piece of my heart missing.

The idea to create keepsake products came about when I found comfort (and escape) in being creative. I started off making things for my angel mum friends to memorialise their child and the overwhelming gratitude I received gave me the idea to make these for other people as well.

I specialise in creating personalised memorial cards announcing a baby's birth and death. I could not find any birth announcements for a baby who was sick or had died and I really wanted to announce my baby's birth and subsequent death - after all she was a real person. Babies who die before they were born were real and a mother should be able to share her baby's photo and birth details with others - the same way we do for living babies. Cards can also be adapted to sympathy or funeral cards. In 2012 I started to make certificates of life for those mothers who have suffered a miscarriage and would like acknowledgement of their baby's life.

I also make personalised memorial frames using paper and other embellishments. Each design I do is different and tailored to the requests of each client and I work with them to come up with something that best represents their baby. My store reflects only a small amount of my work - many new designs have evolved out of a simple idea seen on another frame.

Other products I hope to produce one day (when time is on my side!) are a personalised baby record book printed digitally and personalised memorial candles with a child's photo and details.

I hope that my personalised keepsakes acknowledge and honour the memory of your baby and bring you comfort in knowing your child lived and is always remembered. 

Read more about Sophie's story and her battle with mitochondrial disease.


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